About Hope

We are a family of individuals who has been saved into a vibrant relationship with God through the death and resurrection of Jesus and God has knit together in community. We believe that Jesus is alive and active and that he desires us all to experience the fullness of life that he offers us. Hope Community Church is a family made up of a variety of ages, backgrounds and nationalities and is welcoming of all.

Hope Community Church was planted in 2008. We are part of a larger family of churches – Relational Mission – which is led by Mike Betts and his team of leaders who include Peter Vincent, Colin Potter, David Bareham. They oversee a small cluster of churches in the area. Relational Mission grew out of the New Frontiers network originally founded by Terry Virgo.

Throughout our time together God has spoken about us being a river of life-giving water, flowing into the community and transforming it for the better. It is our desire to bring life and hope in Jesus’ name to Brentwood, Billericay and the surrounding areas.

As well as seeking to do this individually by seeking to bless our neighbours, friends and colleagues with acts of kindness and the good news of Jesus, we are involved in several initiatives together as a church.

We are led by a team of elders who are supported by a wider leadership team and ministry leaders and accountable to the apostolic team and regional leaders in Relational Mission.

We strongly believe that God has gifted and anointed everyone in Hope Community Church to play a specific and vital role in the adventure He is taking us on, and we value everyone equally.

Our Vision

Our passion is to become a strong, close-knit community who see God save and free people into open, honest and ever deepening relationships with Himself and each other. We believe that as we are changed more and more into Jesus’ likeness we will experience His abundant life and extend His love to the world around us.

He has also kept reminding us about not participating in empty religion but living out His Kingdom values and seeing Him bless what we do as we align ourselves with Him.
We believe that God is challenging us to be a close family that increasingly experiences the fullness of life that Jesus has won for us in our individual lives and together and to encourage one another in this and demonstrate and invite others into this Jesus way of life.

Our desire to live authentic Jesus-focused lives, and to align ourselves with His will, shapes our activity as a church. Many of our ministries and activities are borne out of God speaking prophetically to members of Hope and stirring people’s hearts to take a step of faith. More recently God has encouraged us by speaking to us about increasing what we do and being a fruitful branch, this has led to the launching of new church ministries and development of some existing ones. Now after some time of seeking God and trying to realise some of their dreams, we had as a church we have seen His hand at work, putting things into place and beginning to bring the promised fruitfulness.

Our Values

We value God’s growing kingdom

We believe God is establishing His kingdom through HCC (as well as every other part of God’s global church). We desire and expect to see heaven’s power breaking out in our daily lives both in the natural (kindness, justice, mercy, generosity, helping the poor, etc) and in the supernatural (healing, miracles, prophecy, words of knowledge, etc.). Our father has infinite resources and we have authority in Jesus’ name as ambassadors of the king. We seek for God to be renewing our minds so that we perceive things from a heavenly perspective and in faith see His kingdom power breaking out in our lives. As we do this we believe God will win more people to His family in our community through us, saving them into a relationship with Himself and seeing them, in turn, live out exciting kingdom lives for Him.

We value our character

Our heart attitudes and motivations are more important than our outward actions. As we let God work on our hearts good and loving actions will flow out. A godly character produces godly actions. We don’t want empty religion but godly living coming from transformed hearts. This requires openness & honesty. We value recognising our emotions and reflecting what they reveal about our heart attitudes. As God reveals wrong attitudes and beliefs in us and unhelpful baggage that we carry we seek to work those through with Him and others rather than ignoring and burying those things so we may grow to be more like Christ.

We value relationship

Christ has reconciled us to God and one another through his death & resurrection and we want to experience the full potential of those relationships. We hunger for an increasing depth of relationship with our heavenly father and desire to spur one another on in going deeper with Him, depending on one another for support, encouragement and companionship as we live out the adventure He has planned for us. We are more than co-workers on a common mission, we are a family with a heavenly father. We seek real, honest, deep friendships with others in the church, sharing life with each other – hurts, hopes, joys, trials. We desire HCC to be a place where God’s love is exhibited in His people and where we all feel valued and accepted.

We value serving one another

Everyone in Hope has been equipped by God with gifts and skills to bless others and we wish to create a family in which they can flourish. We seek to see the best in each other, to recognise each other’s gifts and to release the potential we have in Him so that we can serve Him as He leads. We seek to create a permission giving culture in which each one of us can operate in the fullness of who God has made us, where space and time are given for people to explore and grow in their gifts. We desire to encourage one another for our obedience and faith in stepping out rather than criticise where we fall short of perfection. We seek to work in teams and in a unity of spirit, recognising that not one of us has all the answers and that we all have differing and complementary gifts. The elders seek to lead as servants, in humility, providing direction and spiritual leadership, relying on God’s ultimate leadership and guidance of HCC.

We value our members – here are our Policies