On the Move East in Brentwood, June 2018

Hundreds of shoppers around Chapel High were invited to a free burger or hot dog whilst listening to live christian music. The event was part of On the Move East outreach. There was opportunity to chat and hear testimonies and the event was supported by Brentwood Churches together.

Strawberry Fair in Brentwood on June 16th 2018

Fine weather encouraged many folk to proceed from the “On the Move” event in Chapel High to the Strawberry Fair on Shenfield common. Local organisations such as Lighthouse Furniture Project, Diabetes UK, the Fire service and many others were on hand to chat about how their organisation works. The picture above shows one of the many marquees where there were displays for everyone to enjoy.

“COURAGE” listen to the talks from the recent RM Conference in London

A few were lucky enough to attend this event held in London between 30th May and 2nd June. If you were not one of these, you can hear recordings of the main talks at https://www.relationalmission.org/courage-resources Use the Soundcloud playlist or copy and paste this link into your browser.

Mike Betts’ message from Day 1, looking at principles of courage from the story of David in 1 Samuel 17:20-50. Mike encouraged  us to CHANGE.  David beat Goliath. He fought against derision and lies from the pit. List to these talks and be inspired.

Hope Mum’s at the Royal Wedding 19th May 2018

Here’s a photo from our Hope Mums Royal Wedding Party. Mums enjoyed watching the wedding on a big screen, a highlight was Bishop Michael Curry’s captivating sermon on Love. (Click here to watch http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44186049). The children enjoyed activities with our kids workers; making crowns, painting commemorative plates and playing games in the sunshine.
We all enjoyed food provided by Manna meals and each family were blessed by a free Manna Meals bag of shopping.
Our next meet ups are 16th June, and BBQ for Single Parents on 21st July. Any Single Mum with/without her children welcome please call, text Louise 07513 829708. Or email  hopemums@gmail.com.

Churches Together Hutton and Shenfield

The AGM of Churches Together was held on Sunday 13th May at 17.45 at Hutton and Shenfield Union Church.
The Member Churches are:

Hutton Parish (all Saints with St Peters)
Hutton and Shenfield Union Church
Hutton Free Church
Hope Community Church
St Joseph The Worker Catholic Church
The Parish Church of St Mary The Virgin
RCCG Shining Light
RCCG Brentwood Grace Centre
Religious Society of Friends

A brief summary:
The meeting was opened by the Chair, Gamel Byles who introduced the representatives from the above churches with apologies from those not able to be there. In his report Gamel welcomed new members Grace Church on 12th November 2017. Monthly committee meetings are held on the first Monday in each month. Our MP Alex Burghart has joined us on 2 occasions and we were impressed by his kindness and support.

CTHS presence was evident at the Christmas Fair when Goody Bags containing a Christmas message were handed out to children. It is planned to have a Christmas leaflet available with details of all the churches events for visitors.
Good Friday Walk of Witness was well attended but it is planned to make this a little later in the morning in 2019 to reach more people.

Christmas and Easter leaflet remains crucial part of getting the Word into local homes and it will be the policy to continue to invest time and money into this.

Joint services during Christian Aid week, Remembrance Sunday, and during the week of Christian Unity. This continue to develop as interdenominational with all churches taking part. The recommendation is to to continue to hold these in the coming year.

The new Secretary Eve Byles gave her report. Fuller details of all these with the Financial statement can be had from the Secretary.

The AGM was preceded by tea and refreshments kind supplied by Hutton & Shenfield Union Church

After the AGM a Service was held in Church for Christian Aid. The organiser for Essex, Neil Roper spoke of the awful plight of those mad homeless by natural disasters. He shed a video of some of the damage caused by hurricane Matthew in 2016 which killed 234 people in Haiti and left hundreds homeless. what is not appreciated is these displace by such disasters are nit Refugees as they want to remain in the own country but are therefor not covered by UN Refugee help. We posted prayers on paper “bricks” to be presented to Teresa May and signed a petition asking for her intervention into the awful plight of these people.
A choir from Grace Church sang “It’s who I am . . It’s who you are” which was very moving.

Church Office in Hutton Community Centre

As you may be aware, Hope Community Church is one of the partners running Hutton Community Centre. The other partners are Grace Church who meet there, Hutton All Saints School, Hutton Football Club, Lighthouse Furniture and the Over 50’s Club.Photo of Hope community Centre

Hope Church has long wanted an office locally for Natalie to work from. An area has been identified, and an architect engaged to produce plans for submission to the landlord, Brentwood Council. (more…)