New to Hope

At Hope we are always glad to see and welcome new faces. Our Sunday morning meetings and prayer meetings are open to all and we would love to see you there. If you are interested in coming to meet with us feel free to just come along one Sunday morning or for more information you can contact us at

What will it be like when I arrive?

We meet together every Sunday morning at 10:15am at Long Ridings Primary School to meet with God through song, prayer and teaching from the bible. You will be greeted with tea or coffee, after the meeting, there is further opportunity to meet folk and there are refreshments provided. Occasionally we have a family breakfast before the service or family lunch after the meeting which you are welcome to join us for and are shown in the calendar.
New to Hope

Where do you meet?

The address is Long Ridings Primary School, Long Ridings Avenue, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1DU.

What do you do in your meetings?

We usually start by spending time together worshiping God with songs and music. Our style of music is upbeat and contemporary. You’ll notice during our time of worship that people will often come will spontaneously make contribution of prayers, bible readings, encouragements, etc. We believe that God has made us a family with each able to build-up and encourage one another.

After our time of sung worship, we usually have a time of teaching from the bible. This will normally be one of our preaching team sharing something from the bible, seeking to draw out something that God is saying to us through it and applying it to our lives. Occasionally we will spend this time instead looking through and discussing a passage from the bible in smaller groups.

Every couple of months we have a New to Hope Family Sunday which is a bit more interactive with a shortened times of worship and teaching and interactive activities for adults and children alike. You can choose what activities to do and these often include craft activities, prayer activities and bible studies.

Will I be made or asked to do anything?

No, of course not. If you want to sing you can, if you don’t then feel free not to. No one will call you to the front, make you pray or force you to do anything. You can expect people to come up to you, give you a warm welcome and make you a tea or coffee, though. If you do want to be prayed with or talk about things that have come up in the meeting there will be opportunity to do so.

What about children and teenagers?

The children and youth go out partway through our time of sung worship for their separate teaching in three groups: Little Stars for children aged 0-4, Shining Stars for the 4-11’s and another group for young people aged 11-18.