Serving / RM Churches

The bible describes the church as a body with each person in it being a different part, it makes clear that each part is unique, vital and to be equally valued. At Hope everyone plays a part in being that body and whatever way God has made you, personality, gifts, skills, there is a way for you to bless the rest of the body. Many of us choose to serve on one of the teams within the church as a means of helping the church achieve its vision and to serve the church family and surrounding community. Some of the areas of service are listed below, if you would like to find out more about serving in one of these areas then email the contact.

Worship Team

Do you have a passion for worship? Do you love to praise God? Do you have a talent for singing or playing an instrument? Whatever skill level you are we would love to help you to help others meet with God in worship. Even if you aren’t ready to be up the front at a meeting you can always come along to be part of and support the team at team meetings as you develop in your gift.


Tim Barfoot leads study groups for those wishing to go deeper into Feeding on God’s Word. These are usually attended by small groups of 6–10 people and are held in people’s houses.
Usually, Tim takes us through a book of the Bible, and we are currently studying Revelation. Full notes are supplied and, as we read, we discuss the relevance to us in the modern age.
Notes are available for all the studies we have done as ‘Word’ documents which you can download from this page whenever you wish.

PA & Visuals Teams

Do you have some skill with a mixing desk or could you manage a computer and projector? If you can’t would you like to learn? The PA and visual teams are greatly valued and important to us, after all, if we can’t hear the music or know the words to sing, we tend to struggle a bit with times of sung worship!

Refreshments Team

Do you love to give someone a warm welcome to church? Do you have a friendly smile and the ability to make a cup of tea? The refreshments team play a big role in making Hope a friendly, welcoming place. Perhaps you could be that friendly welcome that we all look forward to on a Sunday morning.

Kids and Youth Teams

Do you have a passion for seeing young people come to know Jesus and grow in their walk with him? Could you help teach the children or teenagers on a Sunday or get involved with our evening youth activities?

Setup Team

Do you ever wonder how all those chairs and all that equipment appears on a Sunday morning or where it all goes at the end? Our faithful setup team are some of the unsung heroes of Hope, willing to get to church early and stay a little later once a month or so to serve the rest of us by setting up and packing down all our church equipment. If you don’t mind the odd early start and can carry a few things then this could be right for you.

Hope Mums

Would you like to get involved in our single mums outreach? We are seeing many families touched by the love and grace of God demonstrated through his people in Hope Mums. Could you serve these mums by helping at their meetings or helping with the kids work while the mums meet? Could you give some of your time to visiting and befriending some of the families we are in contact with?