Martin Crook

Prayer is at the heart of every church and it is important that we bring thanks to our Lord for what He is giving to us. We meet together on the first Thursday of each month at 7.45p.m., usually at our house – 7 Headley Road, Billericay, CM11 1BJ  –  but check newsletter / e-mails for changes. We would love to see you there as well.

Recent meetings have seen wonderful answers to prayer, and also prophetic words about the future direction of Hope. It is so important that we ask for God’s guiding hand on where we go.

At out September meeting, Martin opened with a passage from Romans 12 v.3 about the many parts of the body all being dependent on one another. We thanked God for providing a new youth worker – Hannah, and an administrator – Natalie. These two were lifted up in prayer for strength, wisdom and direction. Martin brought the thought of a “New Season” for Hope Church with a fresh start.

We gave thanks for our involvement with Hutton Community Centre and asked God to provide us a room there for Hannah and Natalie to work from.

There was prayer about the need for God’s people at Hope getting to know one another and that God will open their eyes to this, and to fulfil His task in the work of bringing salvation to the people in the area who don’t know Him.

Thanks for our youth who have grades to enable them to go to university, to those who are starting school. To those returning to jobs in school.

Thanks for the proposed new website that it will work to bring fresh folk to a relationship with our Lord.

A message of “binding” us together, was brought and the seven (number of perfection) of us joined hands to mark our agreement that these prayers will build the body.

October brought these messages:

Joshua 1 – Be bold be strong also walls of Jericho coming down

2 Timothy 1 – For God has not given us spirit of fear and timidity

2Cor 3 – The Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom

Words of encouragement to us regarding trusting God. In all circumstances, He will break down barriers

Picture of a bungee jumper; bold, trusting God

Eph 4 – unity of believers strength together in Christ He Is the cornerstone we are strong in Him We need more of Him in our lives